Brits better off outside of EU: Trump

The presumptive US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has renewed a call on Britons to leave the European Union.

Trump has told the British daily, the Sunday Times, that he thinks the UK would be better off outside of the European bloc.

The GOP candidate said in a Sunday interview that he was backing the “out” campaign for the UK’s planned referendum Thursday on the country’s future membership in the EU.

“I would personally be more inclined to leave, for a lot of reasons like having a lot less bureaucracy,” he noted. “But I am not a British citizen. This is just my opinion.”

The billionaire businessman also told the newspaper that he would seek to have good international relations for America if he were elected president in November, including with Britain.

Trump said in May that Britain would be better off outside the EU because of high levels of migration.

This is while the latest opinion polls showed the UK’s ‘Remain’ camp recovering…

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