Brexiteers mock ‘Kim Jong Cameron’ as 130,000 say ‘no’ to £9mn pro-EU leaflet

Snarky Brexiteers have shared a campaign ad branding the embattled British PM ‘Kim Jong Cameron’ in jest at his £9 million pro-EU ‘propaganda.’ It comes as 130,000 people sign a petition against his “taxpayer-funded biased” pro-EU flyers.

The pro-Brexit ‘Leave.EU’ campaign ad features Cameron in the guise of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, alongside Tony Blair and other pro-Europe politicians styled on the hermit state’s distinctive propaganda.

By the time the flyer emerged, a petition launched on Parliament’s official petitioning website had already passed the 100,000 milestone required to trigger a debate in the House of Commons.

Petition creator Jayne Adye said the British people had waited a long time to get a proper hearing on EU membership and that the referendum should be held “without taxpayer-funded biased interceptions by the Government.

Cameron’s government responded to the petition’s soaring signatories, but skirted the issues of taxpayer funded leaflets, instead saying: “The British people will decide whether we are stronger and better off with our European neighbors as part of the European Union, or on our own.

That is because we made a promise and kept it – to deliver an in-out referendum,” it said.

The news comes as former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis warned that a Brexit would spell the end of the EU.

Varoufakis told the Guardian on Thursday that the 28-nation bloc is in a “disgraceful state,” but that leaving would be disaster.

Despite his more radical political leanings, Varoufakis’s position on Brexit is broadly in step with Cameron’s.

Writing in the Telegraph on Tuesday, Cameron said Britain’s agriculture sector and service industries would be hit “hard” when European countries erect tariffs to protect their own companies from competition.

He warned jobs, prices and living standards would suffer a “massive knock-on effect.” The EU’s vengeance would be so strong, British airlines would even be barred from flying internal European routes such as Rome to Paris.

I believe [a Brexit] would be needless and reckless – an act of economic and political self-harm,” he said.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.