Brexit ‘manipulated from the outside’

Emmanuel Macron Tuesday night poured scorn on the UK over its Brexit crisis, saying the vote to leave the EU had been manipulated by “false information and lies.”

In his toughest attack on the June 2016 referendum, which led to Britain voting to exit the bloc, the President of France said it had been “manipulated from the outside” and by populism.

He also said that Britain leaving the EU without a deal would be “scary for everyone,” and especially the British themselves, as they would be “the first victims.”

Instead, Mr. Macron said he believed the British would now ask for more time to negotiate a new trade deal.

Mr. Macron heard about Tuesday night’s crushing parliamentary defeat of Prime Minister Theresa May’s flagship exit plan while he was taking part in a live TV debate of his own in Normandy.

He said: “Look at what our British friends are going through. The people voted No [to the EU] on false information and…

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