Scaremonger alert! Brexit could cost Brits their freedom of movement in Europe, warns Spanish PM


Britons could forfeit their right to live, work and do business across Europe in the event of a Brexit vote, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy warns.

A UK withdrawal of the EU would forego free movement rights, which would be “negative for everyone and from every perspective,” he says.

“Leaving the European Union would mean that British citizens would lose their right to move freely, work and do business within the largest economic area, the largest market in the world,” Rajoy told Spanish international news agency EFE.

“It would be very negative for British citizens: the European Union is based, ever since its foundation, on principles of freedom of movement of people, goods, services and capitals.”

About 400,000 British citizens live and work in Spain, while 100,000 Spanish citizens live in the UK, Rajoy says.

Many British expats in Spain, about 35 percent of whom are retired, have expressed concern about access to healthcare after a potential ‘leave’ vote, the Guardian reports.

While UK citizens are entitled to healthcare from the Spanish government under EU law, Spain would not be obliged to continue to offer free medical services to non-EU citizens.

The value of pensions, the right to study overseas and the ability to own property are also reportedly among the fears harbored by British citizens abroad.

Rajoy’s warning comes as Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte warned Brexit campaigners’ plan to enact a point-based immigration system would mean British citizens face barriers to travel and work in Europe.

He said other European countries would react by making it harder for Britons to live and work on the continent.

“It would be unavoidable, inevitable for us and I think for many of us in Europe to follow the same proposals to implement a points system also in the rest of the European Union,” he told the BBC.

Leave campaigners have argued that new rights for British citizens to live and work in other EU countries could be negotiated after Brexit.

Migration is one of the key issues being debated in the lead-up to the June 23 referendum.

A new poll conducted by Vote Leave found almost half of those surveyed think the level of migration from other EU member states has been bad for the UK, against 26 percent who think it has benefited Britain.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.

  • Texas Arcane

    … because nobody could travel anywhere in Europe before the EU was formed! The Nazis ran barbed wire around it and they turned fat ladies into bars of soap and then they made cats and dogs cohabit!

    When I was in the Army I used to walk over borders all over Europe and nobody cared much. Simple economics meant customers needed to travel freely.

    Notice how everything the globalists insist is inevitable is a direct contradiction of centuries of experience. I don’t know how people managed before the EU. Amazingly well, actually.

  • Tim Hadfield

    More bullshit from the ‘remain’ crowd.

  • hvaiallverden

    If I go to the Iberian Penninsula, I dont bother to go to “spain” Il go somehwere else, Calicia, or the realm known as Catalonia, nations mutch, mutch older than Spain, witch is basicly the remants of the Moorish land, and the Chatolics took, but they, the Spainians have NO claim, what so ever, other than basied upon the cooperation of the Basque, to rule Catalonia.
    Their naked fear, of loosing their hegmony, power corrupts, abolut power corrupts abolutelly.
    They have during the economic downfall made no sense what so ever, dragged the entrie region into an quaggmire of clusterf…. of biblical proportions, have on topp of it the f…. nerves to claim creddibility, uh…. an narrative that we all know this days, probably never existed.
    If I where an Brit, the answer to this, If I humbly could recomend an Brit to do anything back to this stupid talk, and the Kilt is an marvelous clothing to express it with, just show them your ass and tell them to kiss it.

    I hope I make it to that region, one day.
    Lord only knows.
    You have something I miss, like Legolas, there are forests I like to walk in, before I die, to behold the true european ancient forests, I will be like an child again.


  • knifemare69

    Rajoy hates democracy and national self-determination – look how he pissed all over Catalonia’s referendum to secede from the Spanish regime. Might as well ask Kim Jong Un for his opinions on democracy, you’ll get the same kind of freedom-hating answer…

  • Daryl Johnson

    Does anyone think that Switzerland has these problems? They’re not in the EU either.

  • gmatch

    It is not so far fetched. If Britain is issuing Visas, Europe will do that to the Brits too.

  • Alabama Mothman

    Who the heck wants to go to europe now?

  • garwain

    EU is a contrived agenda towards one world government. The propaganda is utterly sickening and on a par with US presidential race. The sooner EU and NATO breaks up the sooner moves towards peace, a rarely mentioned benefit for society, can take place. The only people who want to come to EU are those whose homes and communities have been reduced to rubble by western introduction of ‘democracy.’