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There are dietary supplements that go unused by women who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer that have been demonstrated to shrink their tumors but are ignored by doctors.  But before these natural remedies are revealed, the stage for their use has to be set.

Short of complete surgical breast removal, there is no treatment that will allay the fears of a woman newly diagnosed with a form of cancer that paradoxically will never pose a threat to their lives.

They call it non-cancer or Stage-zero (non-life threatening) breast cancer.  It has risen to comprise about 1 in 4 breast cancer diagnoses made today comprising 60,000 new cases annually.  In medical terminology, it is called ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), early cancerous changes in the milk ducts of women’s breasts.

The cost of treatment runs ~$12,000 but if a woman diagnosed with DCIS has her fears are played upon, she may elect to undergo surgical removal of both breasts (double mastectomy), the ticket price rises to ~$89,000 with full reconstruction (with an accompanying 69% risk for post-operative complications to boot).  This is 2010-2011 data.

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Nothing to fear but fear itself

Dr. Laura Esserman, writing in the British Medical Journal, says there is “no medical diagnosis that evokes as much universal fear as one with the word ‘cancer.’”  Oncologists are not treating disease, they are treating fear.

Dr. Esserman says: “Clearly, a condition that is indolent or rarely metastasizes (spreads) is not a cancer as clinically defined.” But newly diagnosed women “are being rushed to the operating room, precipitating a lifetime of anxiety.”

Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)…

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