Bombings Continue in Baghdad; 75 Killed in Iraq

Although the fighting has stalled in Fallujah, the
Iraqi military has transferred
a brigade to the front lines in Makhmour. Hadi al-Amiri, the head of the
Badr Organization criticized
the move, blaming it on U.S. pressure. The U.S. government had wanted Iraq to
tackle Mosul ahead of Fallujah, but recent attacks on Baghdad forced the
government to try to recover nearby Fallujah first.

The situation
for refugees fleeing the Fallujah area continues to be difficult. The
government has mostly kept journalists away from the camps, but a team from The
New York Times
was able to reach one. There are few supplies in camps,
especially water. However, many of the Sunni refugees say even Shi’ite
militiamen are treating them well.

Ten mass graves were
discovered in Hardan.

At least 75 were killed or found dead, and 46 more were

In Baghdad, a bomb in the Jisr Diyala district
two people and wounded six more
. One
person was killed and six were wounded
by a blast in Kera’iyat. In Shurgat
, a bomb killed two
people and wounded five more
. A sticky bomb killed
one person and wounded two more
in western Baghdad.

Militants executed
10 people
in Mosul.

A bomb killed
two people and wounded 11 more
in Tarmiya.

civilians were killed
and several more were injured in Saqlawiya.
Shi’ite militias have been accused of torturing these people to death and
holding hundreds more captive.

In Muqdadiya, a roadside bomb killed
a boy

Gunmen killed
a lawyer
in Baquba.

A civilian
was shot dead
in Wajihiya.

In Abu Saida, one
person was shot dead

A strike on Haditha left 30
militants dead

Militants accidentally exploded a bomb at their own factory
in Qayara. Ten
were killed and 12 were wounded
. Several civilians nearby suffered from
some type of contamination possibly due to chemicals stored at the factory.

In Zarka, security personnel killed
six militants and wounded four more

militant leaders were killed
in strike in Nimrod.

A militant
official was killed
in Diyala province.

Dozens of militants were killed
in Amiriyat al-Fallujah.

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