Bombers Strike Around Baghdad; 117 Killed in Iraq

Bombers Strike Around Baghdad; 117 Killed in Iraq

A quarrel between Iran and Saudi Arabia is
preventing thousands of pilgrims from completing their hajj obligation in Mecca
this year. Many are visiting
the Imam Hussain shrine in Karbala and other Iraqi sites instead. The
spat began last year after thousands of people were killed in a stampede.
Karbala Governor Aqeel al-Turaihi does not expect the extra visitors to
overwhelm security forces.

At least 117 were killed and 54 were wounded:

In Mosul, militants lashed 14 men for
breaking laws about barbering. A militant
was killed
in an attack on a checkpoint south of the city.

In Baghdad, a bomb killed
four civilians
in Arab Jabour. A suicide
bomber killed two people and wounded eight more
in Allawi. A hand
grenade tossed into a store in Saidiya killed
one person and wounded five more

A bomb at a Taji market killed
three people and wounded nine more

people were killed and 10 were wounded
when bombs exploded in Husseiniya
and Yusufiya.

A roadside bomb near Rashad killed
two people and wounded four more
who were trying to flee Daesh territory.

A bomb wounded
two Peshmerga
near Kirkuk.

policemen were wounded
in a blast in Iskandariya.

left 100 militants dead
in Aana, Akashat, Hadelet al-Rutba,
Qaim, and Rawa.

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