Bomber Strike East of Baghdad; 138 Killed in Iraq

Bomber Strike East of Baghdad; 138 Killed in Iraq

Although the Islamic State caliphate appears to be
losing its power, many of the militants are blending
back into the Sunni populations they came from, possibly waiting for a
new opportunity to attack.

At least 138 people were killed and 109 were wounded:

A suicide car bomber
struck at a checkpoint near Khalis leaving 17 dead. A
minibus packed with women and children was among the targets. Over 38
people were wounded
, but the figures may rise higher.

In Baghdad, three bombings killed
nine people and wounded 26 more
in Amin, Bayaa, and Ghazaliya.
In Arab Jabour, a blast killed
one soldier and wounded four more

Militants beheaded
28 people
from Nimrod and Salamiya for collaborating with
security forces

At least 30
people were wounded
during a shelling attack on Juhalh. Some of the
casualties may have died.

Strikes on Arkaba left 28
militants dead

In Qayara, strikes killed
20 militants

militants were killed
during operations in Khalidiya.

An airstrike on Shalalat killed
11 militants and wounded seven more

militants were killed
in a strike on Msrih.

An explosion killed
four militants
in Shirqat.

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