Bolton warns Obama against anti-Israel actions before leaving

Former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton has warned President Barack Obama against taking any action that could hurt Israel.

In a radio interview on Sunday, Bolton said that the outgoing US president should be careful with his decisions regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“I’m particularly worried about what Obama might do with respect to Israel and the United Nations,” said Bolton. “There is a lot of speculation over in Turtle Bay at UN headquarters about resolutions that recognize a Palestinian state or that try and set a boundary for Israel based on the 1967 ceasefire lines.”

“I think that’d be very inadvisable for the president to do that,” he added.

During his farewell address at this year’s UN General Assembly, Obama draw anger from Tel Aviv by saying that Israel “cannot permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land.”

US President Barack Obama delivers his farewell speech at the UN General Assembly.


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