Blair ‘very sorry’ over inquiries into UK soldiers’ misconduct in Iraq, Afghanistan


Inquiries into misconduct by UK soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have infuriated former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Blair said he was “very sorry” for the investigations, asserting they should have never been launched in the first place.

“I am very sorry that our soldiers and their families have been put through this ordeal,” he said.

One of the inquiries, the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (Ihat), is investigating around 1,500 allegations of mistreatment and unlawful killing of Iraqis while a separate inquiry, Operation Northmoor, is seeing into more than 550 allegations of abuse in Afghanistan.

“Our armed forces gave extraordinary service in both Iraq and Afghanistan and this type of investigation simply makes their job harder to do,” added the former premier.

Blair himself faces criticism for taking the country into the US-led invasion of Iraq over former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s…

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