Bitter Hillary says ‘should keep your cool’ — seconds after yelling about Trump!

American Mirror
September 10, 2017

Hillary Clinton isn’t going away any time soon. She has some scores to settle, much to the dismay of Congressional Democrats, who are trying to wage their own PR battle against President Trump.

Clinton has given her first television interview to CBS’s “Sunday Morning,” and a preview released by the network shows the failed candidate boisterously reliving the debate moment when he allegedly “breathed down her neck.”

“It was so, just discombobulating,” Clinton said of the moment Trump stood several feet behind her as she answered a question from a voter in St. Louis.

“So while I’m answering questions my mind is going, ‘okay, do I keep my composure, do I act like a president, am I the person people can trust in the end to make hard decisions, or do I wheel around and say get out of my space, back up you creep!” she yelled.

While the photos run endlessly by the mainstream media appear to show Trump looming over her, the president-to-be’s distance in this angle hardly seems unusual.

Sitting back in her chair after leaning forward during her outburst, Clinton said, “Well, you know, I didn’t do the latter.”

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She then recollected negative things people said about her, like “they don’t know her,” and blamed her composure, “which I have developed over years being in the public eye has well equiped me for being a leader,” she insisted.

“Because you should keep your cool and be steady and predictable,” she said, seconds after her outburst.

Clinton conceded “maybe I missed a few chances” during the campaign.

But another excerpt from her new book, scheduled to be released this week, reveals she’s now including women in her long list of those to blame for her loss.

The Daily Mail reports:

Clinton referenced the throngs of protesters who took the streets of Washington and other cities in a…

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