The big lie: Obama, Hillary/Bill, Bush, “income inequality and violence”

by Jon Rappoport

(NoMoreFakeNews) – “There are lots of ways to destroy communities. One of the most successful is: take jobs away. Cancel jobs. Then, cover this plot with lies about poverty and inequality. Set race and against race: tap into human feelings and the mind in their vulnerable areas–where hatred and rancor can be stimulated. Thus, distract everyone from the truth.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The US, England, Australia, Canada– everywhere you go you see the same specter and the same lying politicians:

The specter is Globalism and its effects–the open secret mainstream pols refuse to talk about.

The Globalist truth is simple, and it has been simple since the 1940s: If a government pushes a policy that sends jobs to foreign countries where labor is cheap, economic ruin follows at home.

It doesn’t take a genius or even an economist to figure it out.

Here in the US, Presidents and would-be Presidents babble on about wanting to reduce poverty while they covertly support stealing jobs and more jobs from US cities and towns.

This is Hillary Clinton. This is her husband, Bill, and George W Bush and Barack Obama.

“Weep for the poor. Pump in more welfare cash. Fix income equality. (Steal jobs).”

They know exactly what they’re doing, they know the lies they’re telling, they know the transnational corporations they’re backing, they know where the jobs are going.

In the process, whole nations are being sucked dry.

You own a company that makes widgets. Suddenly, a giant competitor opens up a factory in a country five thousand miles away and pays the workers six cents an hour.

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