Bezos complains about nude pics privacy invasion while building surveillance state — RT USA News

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, who led the tech giant as it cozied up with US authorities to develop surveillance tools, is now complaining that his privacy has been violated.

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Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer of blackmailing him with ‘nude selfies & d*ck pic’

Bezos revealed he was blackmailed by the National Enquirer, which threatened to leak his nudes. The threat came in retaliation for unfavorable coverage in the Bezos-owned Washington Post, according to the messages.

The affair prompted speculation that the alleged blackmail – and the whole ongoing spat between Bezos and the Enquirer – might have been “politically motivated” and that a certain “government entity” might have been involved.

Surely, leaking one’s nudes – or merely threatening to do so – is disgraceful, yet Bezos who is moaning about invasion of his privacy has been at the forefront of developing surveillance technologies – from facial recognition to cloud-service databases for the US intelligence agencies.

“There’s real irony in this if he’s been caught hoisted on his petard as we say. Bezos and his organization have a very tight link with the NSA – the National Security Agency – and has been helping them with their surveillance techniques,” RT has been told.

RT’s Donald Courter looks at the whole Bezos nudes affair.

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