Beware of UK’s new generation of spying

The head of Britain’s MI6 intelligence service, which is focused on foreign security threats, has warned Russia that it should not underestimate London’s ability to deal with complicated sabotage cases, saying that the country is launching a new generation of espionage activities that could take the adversaries by surprise.

Alex Younger said in a speech to students at the University of St Andrews, in Scotland, on Monday that Britain and allies were not willing to allow Russia to believe that it can easily launch sabotage activities in the country.

“Russia or any other state intent on subverting our way of life not to underestimate our determination and our capabilities, or those of our allies,” said  Younger, adding that countries like Russia who regard themselves as being in a state of “perpetual confrontation” with the UK posed serious threats to the country.

Since March, Russia and Britain have been locked in a dispute over an…

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