Betty Friedan Was a Communist

For about a week the conservative establishment lamented the fact that “AEI scholar” Christina Hoff Sommers was treated rudely by students while speaking at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. The New York Post (March 7, 2018) complained about “campus fascism on the march” and then proceeded to explain Sommers’s unique contribution to our political culture: “She argues that much of modern feminism betrays the movement’s founding ideals.” Unfortunately the “lefty kids” at Lewis &Clark did not appreciate her message and her achievement in keeping alive a better feminism than the one that has now replaced it.

It so happens that I spoke last October at a more prestigious institution of learning than Lewis & Clark Law School, namely Hamilton College in Upstate New York, where I was a guest of the Alexander Hamilton Institute. I too suffered the slings and arrows of campus activists, and later my host was left to bear the brunt of the leftist blowback. Not surprisingly, my plight did not receive the same media treatment as Sommers’s adventure. All the same, George Leef of the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal graciously posted material about my experience at Hamilton and even managed to insert comments about it in National Review Online.   But it was hard for me to recognize myself in the latter comments, since by then I had sunk into insignificance.

Although one can’t blame George for presenting me as an innocuous nebbish, someone “who is neither famous nor provocative,” I may in fact be the most relentless critic of the conservative establishment on the Right. I have repeatedly scolded that establishment for being a media-promoted enterprise that bears little resemblance to its worthier…

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