Best Places To Live Off-Grid

There’s plenty of information online about where you shouldn’t live off-grid. There’s advice about which climates just don’t work with solar power, or tales of how cities have denied a family’s off-grid dreams. So, where should you go? We’ll walk you through the considerations you need to keep in mind when choosing the best places to live off grid and find your perfect slice of paradise. Find specific recommendations for where to go, not just in the USA, but in the rest of the world too!

We’ll go over the top nine states that your off-grid dreams will work in, and give you a low down on their pros and cons on the top eight considerations you need to have in mind. We’ll give some general suggestions on where to locate within the state if one area is much better than another for some reason, but overall we suggest you do some research at the county level. They could have drastically different laws, or culture, from other areas in the state.

Off Grid Location Considerations

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To use this guide, you’ll have to decide what kind of factors you want to consider when deciding where to live off-grid, and (because no place is perfect) which of these factors is ultimately most important to you. If you’re more of a prepper/off grider, than the environmental threats section will be of special importance to you. Are you part of the tiny house movement? The laws and building codes will probably be on the top of your list. Or, if you’re more of the homesteader type, the climate makes sense as a first consideration.


People who are used to living in northern climates are sometimes surprised to hear that their favorite plants may not actually grow in a more tropical climate, which means that heading south isn’t always…

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