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How To Be Your Own Bod…
Nick Hughes
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Excellent explanation of tools, processes and practices anyone can and should use in their daily lives. Follow his guidance and learn to become more aware of your surroundings, and better able to deal with and handle situations of all kinds. This book is an easy to read, understandable and concise explanation of threat analysis, assessment and avoidance techniques used by military, security and law enforcement that are applicable to everyday use without the need for unnecessary and counter productive paranoia. Nick explains in detail how small, incremental changes in your normal routine can substantially increase the safety and well being of yourself, your family and your environment. Nick’s extensive background in a wide variety of military, civilian and corporate high threat situations ensures he speaks from experience, unlike many quasi experts most of us have encountered. I also advise you watch the video clip of Nick’s Deadliest Warrior Spike TV show from September 2011, season 3, episode 9.

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