BBC says this woman looks like the 15th century Queen of England

Sophie Okonedo, the daughter of a Nigerian father and Jewish mother, is portraying Margaret of Anjou in the BBC Drama series “The Hollow Crown”.


Margaret of Anjou was a White Christian woman. Okonedo is probably the polar opposite of that.

Over the years we have seen Black Vikings in Thor: the Dark World. We have seen only non-White people playing the American Founding Fathers in Broadway play “Hamilton”.

And now this. Why is there such a pathetic, underhanded attempt to change history?

Those in power want us to believe that Europe and America has always had a lot of non-White people, so we forget that this has only happened as a result of their agenda to “diversify” White countries.

Their pathetic attempts to alter history are all part of their White genocide agenda.

They say that race does not matter, but if the Zulu king was portrayed on-screen as a blond-haired White guy, they would be in the streets screaming about “cultural misappropriation.”

Sorry to shake their social justice warrior delusions, but “anti-racist” is their code word for anti-White.

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