Ban of Russian Olympic Team: Cold War at its “Best”!

New Cold War is now in full swing and the West is using both old and new tactics, in order to demonize and discredit all of its opponents: from Russia to China, Venezuela, North Korea, South Africa and Iran.

Our anti-imperialist media outlets, including those of the RT, TeleSUR, Press TV, CCTV and Sputnik are being labeled as ‘propaganda’ channels. Defensive and internationalist initiatives of our countries are branded as aggressions. Those governments that are relentlessly working on behalf of the people are defined as ‘evil’ or at least as ‘dictatorships’.

The Empire is erecting a complex and destructive web of lies and manipulations, literally trapping some countries in grotesque pseudo-legal concepts, as recently happened to China, which was confronted by The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) at The Hague, which has recently ruled against, what F. William Engdhal described, as “any and all claims of China to various islands or even rocks inside what is known as the ‘Nine Dash Line’ between China’s coast and The Philippines.” China actually never asked for any ‘arbitration’; it is repeating that it has been ready to negotiate directly with the Philippines. But the West and the previous servile administration in Manila decided to turn this historical dispute into yet another ideological and propaganda battle.

The War against the “coalition of unwilling” is constantly diversifying. Propagandists in North America and Europe are…

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