Baghdad, ISIS Carry out Executions; 238 Killed in Iraq

Baghdad, ISIS Carry out Executions; 238 Killed in Iraq

Iraq executed
36 people
convicted of participating in the mass slaughter of hundreds of
security personnel at Camp Speicher in 2014. The men were hanged in Nasariya.
Many human rights groups warn that the Iraqi justice system is flawed if not
outright corrupt, so many of these men could have been innocent. A total
of 45 executions were carried out this year, so far.

At least 238 people were killed
and 13 more wounded:

In Mosul, militants executed 40
for conspiracy or people smuggling. They executed
four more
, including two of their own, on sodomy charges. An airstrike on
the Dindan neighborhood left 10
militants dead
. Nineteen
militants were killed
in a strike on Mithraq. Another 20
were killed
in a strike on central Mosul.

The remains
of 30 policemen
were found in a mass grave in Jawaana.

A battle in Sinjar al-Kazak
left 10
Peshmerga and 30 militants dead

people were killed and nine were wounded
in Mahmoudiya when a bomb
exploded at a market.

In Kirkuk, two suicide bombers
were killed near a Shi’ite shrine. One of them wounded
four people
, two of them civilians. A third bomber, possibly 13 years old,
was arrested.

Security forces killed
30 militants
who were trying to sneak across the Euphrates River from Albu
to Albu Aitha.

A roadside bomb in Tal Keif
six militants

militants were killed
in a strike in Nineveh province.

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