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It is only through ignorance or suppression of the truth that anyone can believe in the leftist worldview, a kind of bad morality play that would be merely amusing were it not so influential.

Of this feminism is a representative example. Motivated by status envy, which is a reflection of human nature’s difficult need for esteem, feminists have a perverse conception of history. It never seems to occur to them that men no more chose their greater physical strength and, yes, greater ability to engage in abstract thought at the highest level than women chose to be mothers, with all the grueling burdens that accompany that fate.

“The large institutions [of the world] have almost all been created by men,” the psychologists Roy Baumeister and Kathleen Vohs have written.

The notion that women were deliberately oppressed by being excluded from these institutions requires an artful, selective, and motivated way of looking at them. Even today, the women’s movement has been a story of women demanding places and preferential treatment in the organizational and institutional structures that men create, rather than women creating organizations and institutions themselves.

For reasons that are beyond anyone’s control, and in regard to which resentment and blame are incoherent, it fell to men to create the marvelous achievement that is civilization. Yet men’s greater power outside the domestic sphere, we must understand, is symbiotic with women’s greater power therein: Nature’s balance this is, which we alter at our peril.

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What is more, while civilization and culture at their highest are the work of a minority of men, still even…

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