Australian workers and youth speak after public meetings


Australian workers and youth speak after public meetings

“Julian Assange took an enormously courageous stand”

our correspondents

5 May 2018

A diverse cross-section of workers, students and young people attended Socialist Equality Party meetings on Internet censorship and for the release of Julian Assange in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle last week. A number spoke to WSWS correspondents.

Alex, a first-year journalism student attended the Sydney meeting after her university’s media society posted a Facebook link promoting the event. “Censorship is always where it starts, in terms of the erosion of civil liberties and the drive to war. In high school we studied World War One and the Vietnam War. In both of those conflicts, censorship was really bad. We learnt about the Pentagon Papers and until they were leaked, people had no idea how bad the Vietnam War was or what its real objectives were.”


“I found the meeting interesting because it explained the exact reasons why censorship is happening now. I thought it was just because they don’t like the World Socialist Web Site but, in fact, they could see that it was raising political consciousness, and exposing what is going on in society.”

“I also liked how the speakers kept linking everything back to the growth of the class struggle. Censorship is the only thing they can think of to stop working-class struggle. Most people don’t call it the working class, and they don’t even realise they’re talking about the working class.”

“They’ve been saying we’re going to war for a long time, but it does seem like it’s amping up now, especially with Trump in power. They’ve got all these meetings between Trump and North Korea, but who knows how it’s going to work out.”

Odd, an unemployed…

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