Australian government lines up behind US threats to North Korea and China


Australian government lines up behind US threats to North Korea and China

Mike Head

6 July 2017

On the pretext of responding to North Korea’s July 4 missile test, the Australian government has aligned itself explicitly behind the Trump administration’s military threats against North Korea and backed Washington’s ramped-up demands against China.

In a joint media statement yesterday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop blamed Pyongyang, not the US, for the war danger on the Korean Peninsula, despite the long history of successive US administrations reneging on de-nuclearisation deals with North Korea and threatening the small, impoverished country militarily.

Turnbull and Bishop sensationalised the threat presented by North Korea’s limited military capacity, seeking to incite fears of an attack on northern Australia as a means of overcoming widespread public opposition to the US military aggression around the world.

In lockstep with the US administration’s own response, they branded Pyongyang’s launch of a long-range missile “a dangerous and provocative act that destabilises the region and directly threatens all nations within range of this offensive weapon.”

On the pretext of “defence,” the statement effectively pledged Australia’s involvement in any US-led military strike on Korea, which could trigger a nuclear war. “Australia supports defensive measures required to respond to the threat posed by North Korean offensive missiles,” it said.

The statement echoed Washington’s assertions that North Korea now constitutes a threat to the entire world and lined up behind the Trump administration’s demands that China impose crippling economic penalties against Pyongyang.

Turnbull and Bishop declared: “We again…

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