Australian Foreign Policy and Israel: An Enduring Disgrace

The recent visit to Australia by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the forthcoming foreign policy White Paper should provide an opportunity for Australia to re-examine its support for the State of Israel.  There is, however, every indication that the current and past levels of support will endure.  The most puzzling question is: why is this the case?

The creation of the State of Israel in 1948 and its subsequent acceptance into the then largely white man’s club of the United Nations has been fraught with difficulties from the outset.

As early as 1950 (Resolution 394) the UN was calling for Arab-Israeli peace negotiations and a solution to the problem of Palestinian refugees.  The Palestinian refugee problem was created by the massive displacement of Palestinians from their ancestral lands by the creation of the Israeli State.  Nearly 70 years later, far from being resolved, the problem is greater than ever.

The Six Day War in 1967 was another hammer blow to the hopes of the Palestinians for a resolution of their problems.  Not only did Israel annex more Palestinian land, it occupied Jerusalem and seized the Syrian Golan Heights.  If there was ever a possibility of a “two state solution”, it surely died then.  Repeated claims to finding a two State solution through some “peace process” have been part of the standard rhetoric ever since.  It is delusional.

Since the Six Day War there have been innumerable UN Resolutions, both in the…

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