Australian dramatic arts workers defend Geoffrey Rush, denounce #MeToo witch-hunt


Australian dramatic arts workers defend Geoffrey Rush, denounce #MeToo witch-hunt

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29 December 2017

Film, television and theatre production workers in Sydney and Melbourne have denounced the unsubstantiated accusations levelled against Australian actor Geoffrey Rush. Those who spoke with the World Socialist Web Site also raised their concerns about the #MeToo campaign and its reactionary and anti-democratic character.

Rush is currently suing Rupert Murdoch’s Daily Telegraph, a Sydney tabloid, and its celebrity gossip columnist Jonathon Moran, for defamation. The newspaper recently reported unspecified allegations from an unnamed female cast member, who was said to have claimed that Rush displayed “inappropriate” behaviour during the Sydney Theatre Company (STC) production of King Lear in 2015–16. An unnamed STC official reportedly told the Telegraph about the allegations but failed to provide Rush or the public with any details about Rush’s alleged misbehaviour and insisted that the individual making the accusations remain anonymous.

Rush, who was recently nominated for a Golden Globe award for portraying Albert Einstein in the telemovie Genius, was forced to step aside as founding president of the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts, following demands by senior management of Foxtel and Australia’s Seven network.

Rebecca, a former actor for the Queensland Theatre Company and Arena Theatre, said the campaign against Rush and the overthrowing of “presumption of innocence” was “horrifying.”

“None of the allegations against him have been proven. In fact, you have anonymous, unproven allegations being used to destroy a career. I think the term witch-hunt is entirely appropriate—it’s not hyperbolic at all. It’s…

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