Attack on Security Chiefs near Tikrit; 87 Killed in Iraq

M.P. Ahmed Salmani warned that Shi’ite
may be holding 3,000 Sunni prisoners in a secret jail in Jurf
al-Sakhar under orders given by former Prime Minister and current Vice
President Nouri al-Maliki.

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen met with
Kurdish President Massoud Barzani in Erbil on Friday to discuss the
Peshmerga’s role in the upcoming assault on Mosul. Germany has been
giving support to Kurdish forces. Although they will support operations against
the Islamic State militants, they do
not trust
Baghdad will play fair once ISIS/DAESH is destroyed.

Two more villages in the Shirqat region were liberated
on Saturday, as was an Assyrian archaeological site. Daesh militants
have been known to loot and destroy ancient sites across Iraq and Syria.

U.K. Lieutenant General Mark Carleton-Smith warned
that British jets have come under attack from surface-to-air missiles in
Iraqi and Syria, but the missiles have failed to find their targets.

The homecoming of civilians to Fallujah has been slow.
Only about 500 families have returned to the city, while others await passing
security checks just outside the city limits. The city was liberated in June
but it took months to clear it of bombs.

At least 87 people were killed and 49 were wounded:

Near Salam, just north of Tikrit, security forces killed
a gunman
who shot
dead five policemen and two bystanders
around 5:00 a.m. at the al-Aqwas
checkpoint. Two of his colleagues traveled further into the town where they set
off a truck bomb and an explosives vest, killing
11 security personnel and wounding 34 more
. The targets of the attack were two
security chiefs
, but they were uninjured. Perhaps not coincidentally,
security forces launched
an operation in nearby Azwai.

Militants executed
25 civilians
for cooperating with security forces in Nineveh

Rockets carrying an unknown substance sickened
10 people
in Qayara. The injured were treated for breathing

In Mosul, 11
civilians were killed
in a strike on a sharia courtroom. Militants shot
dead an 80-year-old man for insulting them
. An airstrike reportedly killed a number of
militants, including the man in charge of detaining prisoners.

militants were killed
in a strike on a tunnel in Bashiqa.

In Zab, an airstrike killed
10 militants and wounded five more

Strikes killed
six militants
, including two leaders, near Kirkuk.

militants were executed
in Hawija for fleeing the battle in Shirqat.

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