As Trump Attacks Media With “Fake News” Claims, a Record 262 Reporters Are Jailed, 46 Killed in 2017

AMY GOODMAN: We end today’s show with the 25th annual survey from the Committee to Protect Journalists of journalists killed and jailed around the world. This year, the list of those killed includes 46 journalists and media workers, some covering wars, others murdered in retaliation for their reporting, another 20 killed in circumstances CPJ cannot confirm were related to their work; a record 262 journalists imprisoned around the world, with Turkey, China and Egypt topping the list for the second year in a row. Few, if any, of the murders are solved. This comes as President Trump has waged a relentless campaign to discredit journalists in the United States, often with rhetoric that could potentially incite his followers to violence.

For more, we’re joined by María Salazar-Ferro, who is the director of the Committee to Protect Journalists Emergencies Department.

María, welcome to Democracy Now! Talk about what you found. And also, coming out of this interview around Emilio Gutiérrez, the journalist imprisoned in a US jail, can you talk about the dangers Mexican journalists face?

MARÍA SALAZARFERRO: Absolutely. There was a record amount of journalists imprisoned this year — 262, as you said — around the world. The top three jailers of journalists account for more than half of those journalists. And about three-quarters of journalists in prison around the world are behind bars on anti-state charges, such as terrorism. Interestingly, we noted this year that there is a spike in charges of false news in countries, again — in some of the top countries, like Turkey, China and Egypt.

AMY GOODMAN: In those three top countries — Egypt, China, Turkey — when you talk about — you’re talking about fake news. This is something that President Trump has been pushing around the United States, charging the media with putting it out.

MARÍA SALAZARFERRO: Exactly. Last year, we had documented nine cases. This year, we documented 21 around the world on this charge. And, you know, we’re…

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