Arms giant Lockheed Martin’s tribute to John McCain goes down… badly — RT US News

It’s rare for a military contractor to go out of its way to highlight ties to elected officials, but US defense manufacturer Lockheed Martin wrote a most heartfelt eulogy to the late John McCain. Its sentiment was not appreciated.

On Sunday, a day after the American politician’s death, the Maryland-based company took to its Twitter to call the long-serving Arizona senator “an exceptionally courageous leader and a true patriot.”

But, with the combination of McCain’s reputation as a fierce advocate of US foreign intervention and Lockheed’s line of work, this was never likely to attract the say-something-nice-or-nothing-at-all crowd.

Particular offense was taken at the portrayal of McCain arguing with the corporation for every dollar on behalf of the US citizens.

Though some thought there was something admirable about the frankness of the whole thing.

Others thought a rewrite was in order.

Several were worried for Lockheed, which recorded revenues of over $50 billion last year, now that their ally, who played a key role in lobbying for the F-35, is gone, and speculated about a replacement.

But for most part people thought that Lockheed’s grief would give way to happier times.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.