Apple’s iPhone X could be the ultimate privacy killer

The Hill
Sept 25, 2017

The odds you don’t know already know about Apple’s latest attempt at market domination — the iPhone X — are about even with the possibility that President Trump will stop using hand gestures when explaining something. That said, it is quite possible that you have not yet heard why the iPhone X should worry you.

“In its continuing war on inconvenience,” Andy Greenberg of Wired wrote, Apple is poised to “give an unproven biometric security technology its biggest field test yet.”

The most notable change—never mind the iPhone X’s screen size, resolution and configuration—is its use of facial recognition as a security feature and the death of the home button. And it really isn’t an exaggeration to say this is a field test of sorts.

Now, I certainly don’t want to knock Apple, especially given noteworthy, pro-consumer privacy stances taken by the company. CEO Tim Cook bravely refused to help authorities access the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone over privacy concerns—specifically taking the stance that deciding when to provide assistance and when not to help law enforcement is too slippery a slope for a publicly traded company vested with zero legal authority over such matters.

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This article was posted: Monday, September 25, 2017 at 9:42 am

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