Anti-Muslim pamphlet upsets residents in NZ

The “racist” anti-Muslim rants included in a pamphlet circulating in Whanganui have upset some locals but been defended by the group posting them.

Headed “Stop Islamisation” the pamphlet has been delivered to letter boxes across the city and the inflammatory commentary had a number of people contacting the Chronicle expressing their disgust.

It claims Muslims are arriving in New Zealand as refugees but only intent on changing our “laws, culture and daily life to suit Muslims”. It goes on to claim their main goal is to “kill anyone” who doesn’t believe in their God (Allah).

“Islamic associations, backed by endless amounts of Saudi oil money, put pressure on local government, school boards, community groups and central government to give Muslims special treatment and exempt them from our laws,” the flyer says.

“Islam demands our society accept their backward and barbaric practices and beliefs (child marriage, death penalty, polygamy) to name a few.

Enough is enough. Join the Resistance against insane immigration policies and fear-based silence.”

The flyers were distributed around Whanganui at the weekend.

A St Johns Hill resident Airini Beautrais said the flyer was in her letter box on Monday.

She said such material being distributed in Whanganui made her “worried that there is someone or a group of people in the community who would go to such lengths to spread hate and misinformation.

“This sort of behaviour has no place in our community and we should not tolerate it.

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