Another Shopping Mall Burned by Black Mob as Infrastructure Continues to Collapse

Yet another South African shopping mall—this time in the Limpopo Province—has been pointlessly burned to the ground by a rampaging black mob “protesting” against unemployment and the collapsing infrastructure in that country.

A report in the South African newspaper the Ridge Times said that the “residents” of the eMbalenhle have “vowed to keep on protesting until President Cyril Ramaphosa himself come down to community level and listen to their plight.”

The newspaper said that those “leading the protest” said they “were done dealing with their local . . . ANC councilors who have decided to refrain from any council work until service delivery issues were addressed.”

The problem, they said, was the “community’s frustrations with recurring power outages and poor service delivery.”

Both these complaints are, of course, the direct result of black rule, and the inability to maintain the previous white administration’s First World infrastructure—an irreparable problem which is steadily bringing all of that country to a grinding halt.

The Ridge Times went on to quote one Sifiso Zulu, a “community leader” who said he “and the other…

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