Another “Holocaust Survivor” Hoax Exposed


Yet another famous “Holocaust survivor” in the US, 90-year-old Joseph Hirt, who has spent fifteen years lecturing schools about his “escape from Auschwitz,” has been shown to be a fantasist liar who invented everything.

Hirt’s career in lying and making up “holocaust” stories goes to 2006, when he was the subject of an article in Philadelphia’s Inquirer newspaper.

The article, titled “Facing the ghosts of the Holocaust,” and filed under that paper’s “racial hatred” section, quotes Hirt as saying that had grown up in a Jewish family in Poland, was sent to Auschwitz, given prisoner number tattoo I94517, but “spared the gas chamber because he identified himself as a nurse and was pressed into service by a doctor who was himself a camp inmate.”

Hirt kept on peddling this story for years, eventually becoming a firm favorite on the “holocaust survivor circuit.”

For example, in December 2014, he told the Central Pennsylvania World War II Roundtable that he had escaped Auschwitz after eight months by crawling under an electric fence; and that upon his liberation he weighed a mere 60 pounds—”a skeleton with skin.”

Hirt also started producing a photograph of an emaciated man lying on stretcher, claiming it was himself. This picture became one of his stock props in his “lectures.”

He also said he came “face to face with the so-called Angel of Death, Dr. Josef Mengele, while at Auschwitz,” and that he had also “attended the Olympics…

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  • desertspeaks

    “ALLEGED” holocaust survivor is a lying sack of shite!

  • Jimmy Yost

    The fact that there are so many ‘Holocaust’ survivors indicates there was no ‘Holocaust.’ Churchill, De Gaulle, and Eisenhower each wrote memoirs of WW2 (Churchill wrote six volumes, De Gaulle wrote three volumes, and Eisenhower wrote one volume) and none of them mention anything about any gas chambers or crematory ovens. The Red Cross workers were allowed open access to the prison camps throughout the entire course of the war. They kept very accurate records and they never mentioned seeing any gas chambers or crematory ovens. If there had been gas chambers and crematory ovens they would’ve seen them and would have told about them. The entire ‘Holocaust’ charade was cooked up by Rothchild to legitimize the creation of the State of Israel. The so-called ‘Crematory ovens’ were built by a Russian building contractor in 1946 (after the war was over). He was hired by Rothschild. Stop being a brainwashed idiot and do the research for yourself.