Americans divided over Trump’s firing of FBI chief: Poll

Americans view President Donlad Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey as a partisan issue more than anything else, a new poll has found.

According to the Gallup survey released on Saturday, overall, nearly 46 percent of voters disapproved of the decision while a close 39 percent supported it. Around 15 percent said they had no opinion.

There was a stark partisan division, however, with 79 percent of Republicans backing the dismissal, against a 13 percent who thought otherwise.

Similarly, 78 percent of Democrats opposed the move while 14 percent said Trump took the right decision.

The gap was significantly smaller among Independents as 45 percent approved of the move and 32 percent disapproved.

Comey was overseeing two important investigations that shaped Republican Trump’s last year victory against his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Before the election, Comey led a controversial probe into Clinton’s use of a personal server to exchange…

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