American political system designed to suppress people: Analyst

The US political system is not based on democracy and only benefits the proponents of American hegemony, says a political analyst, noting that American voters are being suppressed by the government in the ongoing race for the White House.

Speaking to Press TV on Friday, former US congressional staffer Rodney Martin noted that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was enjoying unconditional support from the supporters of more wars.

He made the remarks in regards to warnings by Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence, who said Friday that the mainstream media was biased against Clinton’s Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“The level of negative coverage about my running mate in many quarters in the national media has just been overwhelming compared to any negative coverage or frankly the avalanche of scandals coming out of Hillary Clinton’s years as secretary of State,” Pence said.

Martin was not surprised by Pence’s remarks, saying not…

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