American military forces march in Lithuania


American forces have entered Lithuanian territories ahead of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)’s annual military exercises in the Baltic states.

Convoys of American and NATO military vehicles performed the “Dragoon Ride II” tactical march Monday, which is designed to “demonstrate NATO forces’ freedom of movement along NATO interior lines.”

The video shows Stryker M1126 Infantry Carriers and M1128 Mobile Gun Systems equipped with 105mm cannons rumbling through the streets of Lithuanian cities, while being accompanied by a motorcade of Humvees.

According to the Lithuanian Defense Ministry, military columns of 10 to 20 vehicles moved along the route from the city of Kalvarija to the city of Panevezys, before being put on display near a shopping mall where American soldiers showed their equipment to spectators.

The US Army describes the Dragoon Ride II as a “2,200-kilometer [1,370-mile] tactical road march from the town of Vilseck,…

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