Amerexit: A Plan For State Sovereignty and an End of Empire

Pollyanna was an underrated and underappreciated, although fictional, genius.  All too often I see my empty glass as unfillable, and envision a brutal death from thirst on the near horizon.  We should all play The Glad Game more often.  Case in point:  Our new U.S. President, the Great Divider.  Never before has this country had a more divisive figure in The White House.  Families and lifelong friendships ripped asunder by Trump’s virulent verbal antics.  Millions of undocumented immigrants (mostly from South of the Border) in imminent danger of deportation, anti-Muslim rhetoric heating up to a rolling boil, and The Police State kicking into high gear.  But it’s always darkest just before the dawn, and by way of a 2 a.m. epiphany, I may have discovered a way to make sweet lemonade out of our sour political lemons.

My hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico is an official Sanctuary City, with the mayor and City Council recently and unanimously passing a resolution reaffirming that this city welcomes all immigrants and refugees with open arms.  More than thirty years ago, Governor Anaya formerly declared New Mexico a Sanctuary State.  Then, six years ago, Governor Martinez, in solidarity with her conservative brethren, reversed that declaration, removing the welcome mat from our borders.  But now our State Senate, in its infinite wisdom, is attempting to reinstate our lost Sanctuary State status.

So, assuming the New Mexico Legislature…

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