Amazon workers urge Arizona teachers to continue strike


Amazon workers urge Arizona teachers to continue strike

our reporters

4 May 2018

The strike of nearly 60,000 Arizona teachers and support staff is the latest development in an increasing wave of striking educators both nationally and internationally. The Arizona strike, organized by rank and file teachers on social media and in defiance of the reactionary trade union bureaucracy of the Arizona Education Association (AEA), has struck a chord with workers around the world who recognize the common interests they share in the fight for access to social rights like healthcare, education and decent wages.

The efforts of the AEA on Tuesday to preemptively shut down the strike have been met with disgust and rejection by rank-and-file teachers and workers across the country.

“This is bad. The rank and file is what matters, not the union ‘leaders,’” said a Virginia Amazon worker when asked by the International Amazon Workers Voice about the latest betrayal of the trade union bureaucracy. “They [the unions] need to catch up to what the people on the ground want. We saw in West Virginia that the strike can go on without the leaders.”

Amazon Fulfillment Center in Woodbridge Township, NJ

Amazon Inc., one of the most exploitative employers in the world, whose CEO Jeff Bezos also ranks as the wealthiest human being on Earth, is not immune to the growth of working class anger. Amazon workers, laboring in the Internet commerce giant’s many “fulfillment center” sweatshops throughout the US, spoke to the IAWV about the strike and their own working conditions.

An Amazon worker in New Jersey who had sorted packages for the company for two years encouraged the teachers, shouting: “Keep it up Arizona!” Another worker at the same New Jersey sorting center stated, “I…

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