Alyssa Milano slams ‘piece of sh*t’ Trump over tear-gassed migrants, is schooled on Obama-era policy — RT US News

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano has lashed out at US President Donald Trump on Twitter over the treatment of Central American migrants at the country’s southern border, calling him a “piece of sh*t” and an “evil creature.”

US border patrol guards resorted to using tear gas to push back a group of migrants who climbed fences in an attempt to breach the border after sanctioned crossings were temporarily suspended at the country’s busiest legal point of entry.

Large groups of migrants scaled fences and broke holes in the concertina wire which had been erected to keep them at bay. Demonstrators also threw rocks and other projectiles as children as young as three were caught up in the mayhem. Mexican authorities later said that they would be deporting at least some of the people involved in the attempt to rush the border “illegally” and “violently.”

Incensed by the emotional scenes, american actress Alyssa Milano hit out at Trump. “You tear-gassed women and children, asswipe! And on Thanksgiving weekend…” she tweeted, adding a slew of insults and calling him a “motherf***ing, evil-creature-person.”

Milano’s outrage also prompted accusations of hypocrisy when it was pointed out that border agents had used pepper spray to repel rock-throwing migrants at roughly the same location and same time of year in 2013, when former president Barack Obama was in office.

Some also wondered why Milano and other Hollywood stars were so quiet about other questionable Obama administration policies, including the bombing of seven different countries.

Others called Milano out for expressing her feelings using foul language and suggested that if a conservative had used similar wording, Twitter would have suspended the account.

A few also helpfully pointed out that Honduras, where many of the migrants come from, doesn’t usually celebrate Thanksgiving.

On Monday, Trump tweeted that Mexico should deport migrants, many of whom he said are “stone cold criminals” and vowed to “permanently” close off the southern border if necessary. Trump also called on Congress to “fund the WALL” to keep illegally entering migrants out of the US.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.