Alex Jones, YouPorn, and the New Resistance

Rey; “How do we rebuild The Resistance from this…?”

Leia: “We have everything we need.”

 The Last Jedi

Monday’s coordinated hit on Alex Jones and InfoWars was an act of desperation.  Control of information is one of the pillars of social control and Jones, for all of his faults, is a threat to that.

And today he is an even bigger threat than he was the other day.  I could do this entire post comparing moments in Star Wars to the Banning of Alex Jones and by the time I was done even the alt-right guys would appreciate The Last Jedi a little more.

I won’t stretch the metaphor too far.  The Deep State is like Kylo Ren on seeing Luke Skywalker for the first time in years.  They’ve searched for years for ways to destroy Alex Jones, marginalize him, etc.; hoping he would fade away into obscurity.  Just like Ren search the galaxy for what he thought was The Last Jedi.

But, he was instrumental in electing Donald Trump.  The coordinated effort to create a Ministry of Truth, ferreting out purveyors of “fake news” began the morning after the 2016 election.

And Alex Jones was public enemy #2, right behind Donald Trump himself.

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So, when the time comes, when the moment of victory arrives, Luke shows up to drive Ren mad while The Resistance escapes.  Ren lashes out in fury turning the entire might of the First Order on a mirage (spoiler alert) only to be left with defeat.

And after Luke’s deception and Ren’s impotence is revealed Luke leaves him with the most cutting jibe he could, “See you around, kid.”

It’s not as eloquent as Obi-Wan Kenobi’s ‘If you strike me down… ” But, Luke was never…

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