After Trump’s racist outburst, Democrats plead for anti-immigrant “compromise” with White House


After Trump’s racist outburst, Democrats plead for anti-immigrant “compromise” with White House

Niles Niemuth and Barry Grey

15 January 2018

Despite their expressions of shock and outrage over Trump’s racist remarks during White House negotiations on immigration last week, the Democrats continue to plead for a reactionary compromise on immigration “reform.”

On Thursday, in the midst of a closed-door meeting with Republican and Democratic lawmakers, Trump ranted against immigrants coming to the US from “shithole countries” such as Haiti and African nations, as opposed to countries like Norway. The remarks, leaked to the US press, sparked a wave of condemnation around the world. The following day the White House, clearly fearing mass demonstrations against the president, announced that Trump would not attend the opening of the new US embassy in London next month.

The protests by Democratic politicians over Trump’s racist remarks are utterly hypocritical, given the Democratic Party’s efforts to collaborate with the White House and Republican lawmakers in fashioning an overhaul in US immigration policy that will further militarize the border with Mexico, effectively end the program that grants protected status for hundreds of thousands immigrants from poor countries devastated by natural disasters or war, and impose curbs on legal immigration demanded by Trump.

The concern of the Democrats and major sections of the ruling class as a whole is that Trump’s blunt expression of racist views is making it impossible for American imperialism to continue using rhetoric about democracy and human rights as a façade for its policies of war and plunder around the world.

Democratic Senate Whip Dick Durbin, who has been leading a group of Democratic senators in…

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