After the Amazon Tax Betrayal

Photo by Backbone Campaign | CC BY 2.0

Time for a Left Alliance to Kick Out the Corporate Politicians

In the wake of the Democratic Party’s shameful betrayal over Seattle’s Amazon Tax – a tax on big business to fund affordable housing – housing costs continue to soar off the charts with no solution in sight. Nearly half of the city’s renters are now officially “rent burdened,” while one fifth spend more than half their income on housing.

As in other major cities around the US, the long established link between rising rents and homelessness continues to play out at an ever higher human cost. Seattle now boasts the third worst homelessness crisis in the nation, with 53 people already dying on the streets this year, while the number of homeless public school students went up 22% in just one year.

It was against this background that seven Seattle City Councilmembers voted on June 12 to repeal the tax, capitulating to big business pressure to overturn the ordinance just passed unanimously less than a month earlier. The Seattle Time’s Daniel Beekman called it “a stunning reversal without parallel in Seattle’s recent political history.”

Meanwhile, the wealth of the Emerald City’s business elite continues to grow at breakneck speed. The irony of the world’s richest billionaire, Jeff Bezos, bullying Seattle over a tax of 47 cents an hour (and in the wake of Trump’s massive corporate tax cuts) was not lost on millions of working people here and around…

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