Afghanistan was 'Obama’s war': Trump’s campaign

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign has said the 2001 invasion and following occupation of Afghanistan was President Barack “Obama’s war.”

The United States — under GOP leader George W. Bush’s presidency — and its allies invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001 as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror. The offensive removed the Taliban regime from power, but after about one and a half decade, the foreign troops are still deployed to the country.

After becoming the president in 2008, Obama vowed to end the Afghan war — one of the longest conflicts in US history – but he failed to keep his promise.

In an interview with CNN’s Victor Blackwell on Saturday, Trump’s spokeswoman Katrina Pierson was asked about Trump’s comments that Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton “founded” the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group, and if they were sarcastic, as the GOP nominee had later on claimed, as report by the…

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