Adversary Russia

For corporate media, it is practically axiomatic: Russia is and ought to be an “adversary” of the United States.

The duopoly parties agree. Donald Trump seems to have a different view – though only from time to time, and for reasons that no one outside his innermost circle really knows, but that nevertheless, like all things Trumpian, reek of corruption and venality.

And so it was, the story goes, that the Russians “meddled” in the 2016 election and in the recent midterm election as well.  We are told that they are also gearing up for 2020.  If this seems far-fetched, just ask the guardians of democracy over at Langley or Fort Meade; they know all about it and, like George Washington, never tell a lie.

The meddling charge is so stunningly hypocritical that it is difficult to look beyond it.

Has there been an election anywhere in the world since World War II that could have turned out wrong from the standpoint of America’s political and economic elites that the United States has not meddled with at least to some extent?  Could any of those smug former intelligence mavens on MSNBC and CNN come up with a single example?  And what about the pundits and presenters on those sources of “objective” commentary and news?  Give every last one of them a week to think about it, and they’d still come up empty.

The United States meddles egregiously in the affairs of Russia and other former Soviet Republics. They have been doing it since Day One.  After Communism…

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