Addressing The Big Food/Pharma/Quackery Consortium

Dead, decaying industrial cities, teeming with illicit drugs, prostitution, and desperation.  Condemned, dilapidated factories and foreclosed, rat-infested houses, offering temporary shelter to disposable, hopeless, unwashed minions.  Back alleys where life is cheap.  Where they wouldn’t think twice about cutting your throat for a buck, and leaving your carcass for packs of hungry dogs.  A very dangerous place.

Prison yards, where hope is but a distant memory, and neither innocence nor guilt have meaning.  Where you learn to do as you’re told.  Slave to the guards and gangs.  Thrall to corporations which exploit your labor.  Unwilling bitch to a beastly cellmate, you learn to bend over and take it like a man.  Tiptoeing lightly, as if on broken glass, wishing the time would evaporate, hoping in vain for parole.  Or death.  An extremely dangerous place you’ll never want to be.

If you enjoy certain kinds of danger, you might want to emulate the recent feat of 31 year-old Alex Honnold, who made the first solo, rope-free ascent of Yosemite’s El Capitan.  A vertical 3000 foot granite face where few humans have dared to tread.  Equipped with only sticky climbing shoes and a bag of chalk, Alex completed the impossible climb in just under four hours.  The slightest misstep would have transformed him into a broken, bloody bag of bones.  But the danger he encountered pales by comparison to the most dangerous place in The United…

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