'Acela' primary kicks off in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware & Maryland

Will Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton carry the day? Five states and hundreds of delegates are on the line, giving Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and John Kasich a chance to change the dynamic of the presidential primary race before it winds down.

Going into the “Acela” primary day, so named for the Amtrak express train that serves millions of riders every year from Washington to Boston, here are all the candidates’ delegate counts.

Clinton has 1,428 pledged delegates and 516 superdelegates. Sanders has 1,153 pledged delegates and 39 superdelegates. They will be competing in primaries in Connecticut (with 55 delegates), Delaware (21 delegates), Maryland (95 delegates), Pennsylvania (189 delegates), and Rhode Island (24 delegates). For the Democratic Party nomination, 2,383 total delegates are needed, and there are 1,629 still available.

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Trump has 845 delegates, Cruz has 559 and Kasich has 148. They will also be competing in Connecticut (with 28 delegates), Delaware (16 delegates), Maryland (38 delegates), Pennsylvania (17 delegates) and Rhode Island (19 delegates). For the Republican Party nomination, 1,237 total delegates are required, meaning that if Trump clears the field Tuesday, he will be near close enough to declare only he has a mathematical pathway to the nomination, while Cruz and Kasich will have to hope for a contested convention to go their way. There are 733 GOP delegates still available.

All polling opens at 7:00 am except for Connecticut, which opens its polls at 6:00 am. All states will close their polls at 8:00 pm, and all are on East Coast time.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.