Abortion = Eugenics – LewRockwell

The ultra pro abortion governor of Virginia glibly showed support for infanticide on the radio this past week.

To which he received wide support.

Michele Goldberg of the New York Times even went so far as drawing an artificial distinction claiming there is some giant moral difference between taking the life of a 40-week-old fetus before being born and a new born baby immediately after being born. 

CBS dispensed with journalistic integrity by intentionally misquoting Northam to make him sound better. 

Nationally Northam’s allies lined up to support his stance that infanticide is a woman’s right. 

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Northam even came out in favor of himself. Though his comments sounded poorly delivered – he boldly doubled down saying he stood by his words. 

Then a few days later “a concerned citizen,” showed the media a photo in which Northam was either the guy in black face or the guy in the Klan outfit. How or why this photo did not surface during Northam’s 2007, 2011, 2013, or 2017 elections is a mystery.

His allies from a day earlier deleted tweets and were now against him. The NAACP didn’t like that photo. MoveOn didn’t like that photo. Presidential candidates didn’t like that photo . There were suddenly calls for his resignation in his home state by Republicans, and even by Planned Parenthood while leading Virginia Democrats were “still processing” the photo.

For his present-day pro-eugenics, pro-infanticide stances, he is upheld as a hero, but for the 35-year-old, similarly themed photo he was widely condemned. 

He was condemned even by himself. With Northrop calling his own actions “clearly…

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