A People’s Definition of Capitalism

Capitalism in a truthful word: Exploitation.

The long form definition is full of complexities purposely installed to hide the fact the short version sounds so ugly, because few would agree to engage in an economic system that was called what it truly is — exploitism.

Through decades of red baiting and condemnation of any alternative system that doesn’t drive monetary resources to the few at the expense of the many we’ve arrived at a state of indoctrination where people cannot see past the wall of propaganda that has been projected in Plato’s cave. Minds are bombarded with falsehoods about the virtues of money and capitalism, and at all times there is temptation to go with what pays and sell out to help exploit others for a salary.

What capitalism fundamentally says about labor is that it doesn’t mind if the people have no will to do a job, simply put downward economic pressure on them for a long enough amount of time and wait for them to be fighting over the exploitative jobs being offered.

Capitalism is a cruel top down system where the one who holds the money holds all the power. It doesn’t so much matter how an employer made the money, but if they have it then you better do what they say if you want to pay rent this month.

Americans wonder why so many are just living paycheck to paycheck, but if you think about it, the more menial and harmful the jobs become personally and to the planet the more you have to keep people poor so they will…

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