“A New Social Contract” Re-envisions an Inclusive Democracy

Today we bring you a conversation with Cathy Albisa, executive director of the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI). Albisa discusses NESRI’s new report, which puts forward alternatives to our current dystopian political landscape, and emphasizes the need for solutions to be inclusive and intersectional.

Sarah Jaffe: We are here to talk about a new initiative from NESRI and from several partners. Why don’t you start off by telling us about this new project that you are launching and where it is going?

Cathy Albisa: The project is called “A New Social Contract.” We just published a report called “A New Social Contract: Collective Solutions Built by and for Communities.” The purpose is to drive dialogue and create a national conversation about, “What is the alternative that we want to see for a different future?” We know that the current system isn’t working for anyone and the middle is collapsing…. We need to be innovative, to really step into what is an incredibly unstable moment and try to offer solutions that are … grounded, but also high-bar and ambitious so that we move past what is a very dystopian political landscape that we are all currently suffering under.

It’s a really important thing to be doing in this particular moment in time … to say that we should be…

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