82 Killed as Shi’ite Pilgrims Gather in Iraq

82 Killed as Shi’ite Pilgrims Gather in Iraq

Iraq’s Supreme Court ruled
an anti-corruption effort that was part of Prime Minister Haider
’s restructuring of government. Abadi wanted to eliminate the
mostly ceremonial vice presidential and deputy minister positions. The court
decided that this part of the reform plan would require Parliament’s approval
and then a national referendum.

At least 140,000 foreign pilgrims
have arrived in Iraq to attend Ashura observances in Karbala.

At least 82 people were killed and four were wounded:

In Qayara, Katyusha rockets killed
12 civilians and wounded two more
. Ten
militants were killed
in an airstrike.

A car bomb killed
six people and wounded another
at the AsiaCell checkpoint on the
highway between Adhaim and Khalis. Three of the fatalities belonged to security

In Mosul, militants executed
three employees
of a local satellite channel. The resistance killed seven
. Twelve
militants were killed
in an airstrike.

A bomb killed
a man and wounded his wife
in Mura village. The pair had been trying
to escape Daesh territory.

At the front lines near Nawaran, Peshmerga forces
shelled militant positions, killing 20 of them.

Security forces launched an operation in the Mtabijh
region. At least six
militants were killed
, so far, when a helicopter gunship fired on their

militants were executed
in Hit after abandoning their positions near

Resistance fighters killed
three militants
in Adhba.

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