7 arrests after UK Parliament terrorist attack – Scotland Yard

A total of seven suspects have been arrested in raids at six different locations in connection with Wednesday’s attack near the UK Parliament, Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer has said.

The raids were conducted overnight in Birmingham and at several other locations across the country.

Police are currently wrapping up the final searches around Parliament Square.

“We have searched six addresses and made seven arrests. The inquiries in Birmingham and other parts of the country are continuing,” Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations Mark Rowley told reporters outside London’s police headquarters on Thursday.

The attack left four people dead, another 29 have been treated in hospitals, Rowley said, adding that seven people are now in critical condition.

According to him, there is currently no information on further threats to the public.

Police say they know the identity of the attacker but have not made his name public yet.

According to Mark Rowley, the victims are of different nationalities, but he did not specify. One of the four people killed is a policeman who was stabbed by the assailant. Two are pedestrians, a woman in her 40s, and a man in his 50s. The fourth is the attacker himself.

UK Defense Minister Michael Fallon said on Thursday that the attack may be related to Islamic terrorism in some form.

“The police are investigating this man, his associates, where he came from. [They are] checking urgently whether other people were involved in this. Their working assumption is that this is linked to Islamic terrorism,” Fallon told BBC Radio on Thursday. He also stated that security around the UK Parliament will be reviewed.

The attack on Wednesday started when the assailant rammed pedestrians while speeding across Westminster Bridge in a car. He then ran towards Parliament and stabbed a policeman attempting to block him, before being shot.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.